3.8 weeks and counting

Had to go to the local unemployment office yesterday for my eligibility review.  Spent almost two hours there.  Just where I wanted to be.  At least it was warm.  I have 3.8 weeks left of benefits.  Then I have to rely on MM salary.  I think I will be almost glad when it’s here.  Wally and I have talked about it; I’ve stressed about it; it may be best to just have it happen and deal with it.

I suffer so from fear of impending doom.

Al Bin is not doing well.  I had him vet checked and there’s nothing visibly wrong with him, including his teeth.  He hasn’t been right since I brought Trophy back.  He hates Mellow Moose and does not seem to care much for Sudi either.  He’s been really ugly around them and even around me which is not like him.  Even though he’s getting three times more grain than the other two, he’s dropped a tremendous amount of weight.  I am afraid he may not make it through this winter.  Wally and I have talked about this and we are in agreement that we will not let him get to the point where he is suffering or does not have a good quality of life.  Without any fat on his bones, this cold is particularly hard on him.  Poor old guy; I’m almost wishing I left him where he was.

Damn it’s cold!!!!  It’s bloody, freaking cold!!!!! I believe we broke a record this morning.  Please, please, please don’t let this be the way the winter is going to go.

Until later …