I dragged out some of my agility equipment last night and worked both dogs in agility.  I considered bringing out my video camera and videotaping my training, but it was quickly getting overcast and I wanted to get some training in before it rained.

Fern was such a good girl.  I had her tied out near where I was working Gel.  When Gel goes through the weaves (which he did very nicely last night) I do a lot of cheer leading to keep him weaving fast and furious.  Poor Fern, she wanted so badly to cheer along with me, but she knew screaming while tied out was not allowed.  Even though she was all but coming out of her skin watching us, she only made a few very quiet squeals.

When it was her turn to play, she was fast and furious.  Gosh is she fast and tight in her turns.  I have decided to train running contacts, at least on the A-Frame.  Her striding looks pretty good on both the dog walk and A-Frame so we’ll see how it evolves as she matures.

Speaking of agility and running contacts, this video has been making the rounds on agility-related mailing lists.  The competitor was called for not making the contact in this run.


It sure looks to me like the dog made the contact.  As agility gets faster and faster, judges are going to have to figure out a way to accurately judge running contacts as more and more people are going to start using them.

Gel got into trouble when it came time to put the sheep up.  We went up to visit my neighbor and I decided to put the sheep up in the fenced-in area on his property.  They have a pot belly pig in there now and the grass was quite high so I decided the sheep could do some lawn mowing in there overnight.  I won’t get into a detailed description here because it isn’t important.  Gel didn’t like that I was telling him to work in a manner that he didn’t think was right so he worked like crap.  Finally I stopped him and went to him and gave him a severe talking to.  Then I asked Fern to retrieve the sheep, which she did, and we put them up.

When we got home, he went in his run for an hour or so.  When I brought him in, he went in his crate and Fern stayed out.  This morning when it came time to go up to my neighbor’s to bring the sheep back down, I brought Fern with me and tied Gel out where he could watch the whole time.  Gel isn’t going to get any work, sheep or agility, for a few days.  Then, maybe, the next time I ask him to work, he’ll do it with a little more gumption.  The turd-ball.  He’s going to have to realize I’m not going to put up with his crap.  Ninety percent of the time, he’s a good work and gives me close to or more than 100 percent.  Then there are times where he’s a turd-ball.  Oh well, you can’t expect him to be “on” all the time.

Gosh, Fern is going to be amazing.  Her outruns are already beautifully shaped.  She flanks square.  She’s stylish when she works, but not at all sticky.  It seems she’s a mixture of the good qualities of both of her parents.  I think this weekend I may go over to Wally’s and separate out my four Dorper (slow and quite dog-broke) sheep and start to put a stop and flanks on her.  I think she can handle that now.  She’s a pretty tough cookie.