Fun with recipes

I love to cook … I really, really do.  Sometimes I use recipes, but more often than not, I use what I remember of a particular recipe and create something of my one.  Other times, I take stock of what is in the refrigerator or freezer and pantry and throw it together and see what comes out.  Usually it’s pretty good.

On my lap top, I have MS Office 2007 and up until now, MS OneNote has been a form of irritation whenever I want to print something.  This morning, however, I discovered I could set up a notebook with tabs and store recipes that I find on the Internet and keep them organized all in one place.  Pretty cool.

I almost met my riding friends at South Mountain this morning for a 15-18 mile ride, but I ended up saying no.  Gas is still ridiculously high, it’s still cold, I’m sure the footing on the Mountain is going to be treacherous in places and before I do much hill work, I need to get a crupper and breast collar that fit Sudi.  Before I can use a crupper, however, I need a d-ring installed on my saddle.  I’ve been meaning to get this d-ring installed and the other d-rings on the saddle replaced (the existing ones are pretty rusty) and get a new leather Latigo tie and leather tie straps put on the saddle.  Wally and are going to head out to a local saddle maker this afternoon to have all of that done.  He’s a pretty cool guy and does good work.

The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this week so I may be able to do a bit of riding around the property this week.

MM was really busy Saturday, which was a good thing as I got in a few extra hours.  It will probably be busy most of next week.  For the past few weeks, I was dreading going to work for fear of what the manager was going to get on me for, but I’m not going to do that any more.  Worrying and obsessing is not healthy.  I am going to go in, do my job to the best of my ability and let whatever happens, happen.  Trying to get a handle on that fear of impending doom issue.

Last week, I sent out two resumes for very promising jobs so maybe something will come of that.  I have another job to apply to this coming week.

Things will work out, in time.

Until later …