Did you feel the magic this morning (last night)?

I did.  The Winter Solstice is normally a magical time of year (at least for me); but couple that with both a full moon and a lunar eclipse.  The Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the return of the sun (hear that chickens, start laying!), family and friends, and the blessings of winter.  Yes, winter has its blessings.

I so wish it wasn’t cloudy in North Carolina last night as I wasn’t able to see it.  I felt it though; I’ve been feeling it.  I’ve been feeling so powerful lately.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling powerful enough to deal with shoppers at Wal-Mart today.  Not looking forward to that at all!!!!!  I wanted to go yesterday when I got out of work, but the traffic was so bad, I couldn’t get there, at least not in a reasonable amount of time.  I plan to go early this morning.  Then meet a friend for lunch and get back home.

I am making this recipe for Christmas dinner.  Looking forward to it.  I’ll serve some of the wonderful greens I’m harvesting out of our garden as a side dish.

Last night we had some garlic-stuffed venison burgers which were excellent.  The night before last I made sausage carbonara, using our pork sausage and fresh eggs.  Yummy!!!!

Gwen’s udder is slowly improving.  The lump that formed on the back of her udder is still there and I wonder what the heck it is, but for now, I’ll have to just accept it’s going to be there until it goes away.  It doesn’t seem to affect her lactation and it’s not mastitis.  It’s hard to ignore lumps and bumps, most people would remove them or pop them, but it’s best to let the body heal itself.

I best get my butt in gear and get on the road to fight the Christmas crowds.

Wishing you the beauty and magic of the Winter Solstice.

Until later …