Fern and corrections and stuff

I’ve said numerous times that Fern learns via osmosis and I really believe that is true.  The only times I’ve really had to get after her was for barking (screaming actually) while tied out and a few days ago for biting the chickens.  Otherwise, she just kind of does what she’s supposed to do.  It’s helpful having a well-adjusted dog around (Gel) because dogs learn so much by watching other dogs.

Fern is quite fascinated by the chickens and I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s how they move or maybe it’s because she’s seen Gel move them and thinks she should too.  These chickens move like prehistoric beasts:  very slow and mechanical.  They don’t scurry like normal chickens.  It’s rather upsetting what mankind has done to animals to benefit himself.  Such as breeding chickens that they are so heavy that they can’t move much so that they put on weight faster.  I’m hoping because they are free-ranging that they won’t get super heavy as they mature.  So far, they haven’t laid any eggs.  I assume they will, they have to, how else can they reproduce, meat chickens do reproduce, don’t they?  My ducks are laying up a storm.  For breakfast, Fern got a bowl of scrambled duck eggs.

I didn’t stop at Lowe’s on the way home last night to buy fence to shore up the duck pasture.  I realized it was going to be more than an hour-long project (the amount of light I have when I get home) and something that needs to be done on the weekend.  That project, along with fixing my panels, is on the agenda for this weekend.  An agility class is scheduled for Saturday and I hope to go, but I think it’s going to get rained out.  Sunday is the rain date.  As I write this, it’s raining and only 44 degrees.  The heat and kerosene heater will be on tonight.  No complaining about the rain, no, never again.  There’s a 50 percent chance of rain tomorrow, and it’s going to be much warmer, and 90 percent on Saturday.  Halleluegh!

I hope on Sunday to take some photographs.  I know, I’ve said it so many time before and haven’t done it.  I love photography, I should do it more often, I just don’t.  It would be nice to take photos of the people, places and things I speak of so that I can link to the photos within my Blog.

Ah, the Blog, I love Word Press.  I forgot how much I love HTML programming and Style Sheets.  It took some doing getting both this Blog and Natural Rearing Notes up and running, but so far, so good.  I believe there is a glitch in the latest version of Word Press that is making inserting images dicey.  It’s okay, I can hack around it.  Just today I learned how to keep the title of this Blog in the code without it showing up on the main page.  I want my banner header to display the Blog name, but in order to stay within HTML guidelines, you need the title codes in there.  In my style sheet, instead of the code:  “#masthead #logo { font: bold 3.2em Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif; letter-spacing: -1px; }”; I changed it to “#masthead #logo {display: none; font-size: 150%; color: white}” so instead of seeing “Spellcast Border Collie Blog” at the top of the page, you see nothing, cool, huh?  Well, I think it is. I designed the web site for Spellcast Border Collies as well as the one for my book, Raising Cats Naturally (which needs a redesign one day). I did not design my Blakkatz site, but I maintain it. That site should be redesigned too. Now that I’m on a web design roll, I should do it.

I’m surprised at the number of other Blogs there are out there now written by Border Collie people.  I’ve been maintaining Natural Rearing Notes since 1997!  That was before the term “Blogging” was ever coined.  I’m a pioneer!