Living in Christmas-Land

Wally and I had a lovely day yesterday.  I cooked the spare ribs with Sicilian flavors and they came okay, I didn’t like them as much as Wally did.  I think I just don’t care much for spare ribs.

We stayed inside most of the day watching the snow, which was beautiful!  We watched movies and went to bed really, really early.

Duh!!!  Heavy snowstorm often = loss of power and sure enough, around 9:30 PM we lost power.  Loosing power means no heat or water.  Lovely …  Minimally, we should have drawn water into the tub so we could have at least flushed the toilet.  We we should have drawn extra water into buckets for the animals to drink.

But we didn’t …

Luckily we got it back around 11:30 AM so it wasn’t too much of a hardship.  Several years ago, I lost power for about three and a half days which SUCKED!!!!

The abscess on the back of Gwen’s udder burst Friday morning.  I got it drained of about two cups of fluid and drained more out Saturday morning.  It’s now just an empty pocket and I expect it will heal up in short order.  Glad that mystery was solved.  I was pretty sure it was an abscess, but it might have been an udder hematoma which abscessed.  I’m keeping it cleaned and flushed out.  Of course, with no water to heat this morning, I was unable to take care of it, but it’s looking okay.  Poor Gwen.

The two beds of lettuce seem to have withstood the snow.  They are currently covered with several inches of snow, which will slowly melt providing the plants with moisture.  Wally and I had a lovely salad of greens Friday night.

We’ve been talking about how to construct covers for the raised beds that I can completely lift off the beds.  Right now, the beds have PVC hoops and I put the Agribon row cover over the hoops.  This works well, except for when I want to remove the Agribon which will leave the beds open for the poultry, cats or dogs to go through the seedlings.  Can’t have that.  The most recent bed I planted has welded wire arced over the hoops.  I can lift the wire up off the hoops when I need to access the garden.  The problem with this method is clipping the Agribon to the PVC hoops.  If I had permanent covers for the beds, I could semi-permanently attach the Agribon to the covers.  I plan on using the Agribon well into the growing season to protect the plants from the weather and bugs, especially squash bugs.

Wally finished constructing the rest of the raised beds on Friday.  Now all we need to do is double-dig them.  It’s supposed to warm up towards the end of the week so we may be able to get some of that done.  I will be planting peas and other spring crops in the next couple of months.

Until later …