Good dog!!!

We are still trying to limit Augie’s access to Gwen’s milk, primarily to keep her udder from further damage.  Also, now that we have about six inches of snow on the ground, there isn’t a lot of available grass in the pasture so I’m going to keep Gwen up in her pasture close to the house where she has access to a round bale.  We may see if we can keep her up here for the rest of the winter.  I don’t want to risk her slipping and falling on frozen ground.

When Wally went down to feed the horses this morning, he said he didn’t see the calves.  As soon as it was light, I looked for them myself and didn’t see them.  Gwen was hollering for them so I decided to send Gel for them and allow Augie to finish what was left in Gwen’s udder.

I sent him out and he was gone for what seemed like a long time (time passes very, very slowly when you are standing in the cold).  Finally, here he comes with both calves moving ahead of him at a trot.  Good boy, Gel.  Saved me a lot of walking looking for them.  I’ll need to go back down there and move them back into the lower pasture before going to work.  I feel bad that Gwen is alone so much and wish we could afford a second cow to keep her company.  That simply isn’t in the cards right now.

Damn it’s cold.  Got to go and get a shower and then head out to move the calves.

Until later …