Another year gone by …

I didn’t really make any New Year’s Resolutions because it’s too difficult to keep them.  We are going to try to keep track of money in; money out from the farm.  Wally is much more disciplined about that than I am so hopefully it can get done.  If nothing else, for our own information.

While eating breakfast this morning, Wally and I talked about what we were going to do today.  It’s still pretty wet and soupy out.  We decided to working on digging some of the beds while the ground is soft.  We discussed working on the milk parlor.  We need to tighten up the back part of it because it’s leaning a bit.  We also need to get the rest of the windows installed.  Using power tools in wet weather isn’t such a great idea so that’s best left to tomorrow.

We also need to go and get some rabbits and rabbit manure.  I was on the fence about whether I even wanted to go and get rabbits.  That used to be a big part of the cats’ diet, but when my rabbit supply went south (literally!) I stopped feeding them.  Most of their diet lately has been venison, which is a good meat, but they need more variety in their diets; as do the dogs.  They are all getting a good amount of raw milk on a daily basis.

Speaking of raw milk, when I got in from milking this morning I discovered I didn’t have anywhere to put the milk!  Except for one half gallon jar, all of my jars were either dirty or full of milk.  Both of my cheese pots were full.  I ended up putting it in a gallon size jar that I used to use to store flour and one other half gallon jar that was clean.  The rest of it went to the chickens.  Wally went to Wal-Mart yesterday to try to find a jar with a spigot, but it seems that’s a seasonable item.  We should be able to find one in a home goods store.  We’ll look for one tomorrow when we go to Hickory.

I can see the cream increasing in Gwen’s milk so maybe I’ll be able to make some butter soon.

I started adding whey to both the horses’ and Gwen’s grain to help with the soaking/fermenting process.  Apparently dairy proteins are good for horses.  Whey protein is added to the milk goat food I was formerly feeding (a/k/a the rocket fuel).  The chickens and dogs love to drink it.

Yesterday, we traded two blue Wyandotte roosters for blue Wyandotte hens.  A woman is coming to the farm later today to deliver six hens that she no longer has the facilities to keep.  She advertised them for free on Craigslist.  Usually, a free chicken ad on CL is a scam and I thought that was the case here, but apparently she decided she’d rather given them away than to sell them.  She was very picky about whom she let have them.  We need to add to our chicken flock as we’ve lost some to old age, predators, etc.

Off to dig in the mud.

Until later …