Light Pollution

I’ve always been light, sound and even touch sensitive.  I am just plain sensitive.  Lately, my light sensitivity has been disrupting my sleep.  We have a night light in the bathroom so we close the door at night; that also blocks out the noise of the heat pump running (in the middle of the night if I hear that going I wake up and have anxiety attacks about paying for the power bill).

When I first moved here, I was completely surrounded by open fields and it was dark at night.  Now, up on the hill across from the pond is this obnoxious castle-like house owned by people that have more money than they need.  They run outside lights all night long.  That’s irritating enough, but this year for Christmas, they decorated their castle-house with Christmas lights and their yard with those horrid blow-up, lighted Christmas creatures.

Hello!  Christmas is over!!!!  Turn the freaking lights off!!!  Turn off your porch and barn lights while you are at it too!!!!

This isn’t the only house that has been built on what was formerly open fields.  Several more have popped up and they add their damned lights to the show.  We turn our outside lights on if we need to go outside and then turn them back off when we come in the house.  Why do they need to keep them running?  Are their horses afraid of the dark?

On Sunday, we bought two of those old-fashioned pull-down shades.  Wonder why no one uses those any more?  They are cheap, easy to install and they work.  We put them in the large room adjacent to the bedroom which was formerly flooded with light from over the hill; and we pull the Roman blinds down in the bedroom.  The Roman blinds do not completely block out the lights and this weekend, we’ll buy some more pull-down shades to install under the Roman blinds.  This will help in the summer too.  I also put two layers of masking tape over the clock to cut down on the light from the display.  Wally complains because he can’t see the time, but you can see it, you just need to look carefully.

The light doesn’t bother Wally.  He’s a man, he sleeps anytime, anywhere …

Our alarm clock is one of those dawn simulators and I’ve been using that the past few mornings and it’s working well.  I don’t think I woke up at all last night; if I did, it was briefly.  It’s nice to sleep in a dark, warm cocoon. Here it is quarter of six and I’ve been up for an hour now and feel great.

Maybe I can get the people that own the castle-on-the-hill to pay our electric bill too.  They likely wouldn’t know the difference.

Until later …

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