Good thing we got up early!!!!

As I wrote in my earlier post, we have been using a dawn simulator alarm clock to wake us up.  I got up at about a quarter to five, Wally at 5:15.  I have to use threats to get him up. (smile)

Anyway, we got out to take care of the animals and discovered that Heavenly had her head stuck in the fence where she had been eating off the round bale we put in the poultry pasture for the calves.  Setting a round bale in the poultry pasture and then a piece of cattle panel on the goats’ side has worked well in the past.  If we put the bale on the goats’ side, they’d be climbing (peeing and pooping) on it.  Yesterday when I got home from work, I discovered that Billy had her head stuck.  I didn’t think too much of that because Billy sometimes does get her head stuck in fences (she’s a bit of a blond); but with finding Heavenly stuck this morning, it needed to be fixed.  While I milked, Wally put in two T posts on either side of the panel and then cut the field fence and tied it around the new T posts so all that is there now is the cattle panel.  Now the goats can put their heads through the cattle panel and eat hay without getting stuck.

Good thing we got out there a bit earlier than normal.

Gwen is really pouring the milk these days and her udder is healing up beautifully.

I worked by myself yesterday at MM and I really, really enjoyed it.  Yes, it’s a lot more work and I have to do tasks that I usually delegate to one of the other prep people, but to not have to deal with their pouting and screwing around was worth the extra work.  I work by myself today.  I am going to talk to the manager and see if I can start taking Thursdays off instead of Tuesdays and working by myself Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A legal assistant/paralegal job in Hickory came up on Career Builder this morning!  Yes!!!  Maybe I can find me a “real” job soon.  Gosh though, I’d love to be able to continue to work on a half to three-quarters time basis so I’ll have the time available to continue to do the farm work.  I suppose that’s wishful thinking, at least in this economy, but maybe one day.

Until later …