Box o’ Lard

I stopped by the local meat processor and got two large boxes of beautiful, white lard … well, not so sure it was all that beautiful, it was actually a bit gross because all I kept thinking of when I was looking at it was the jiggling belly fat of some people I know.

But really, it was beautiful, white, clean “Leaf Lard.”  It’s hard to ignore, or not think about, lard’s negative image.  It’s much more disgusting to think about what politically correct nutrition has done to the United States.  Lard was once commonly used for cooking and baking, of course it still is used by people who know better.  In fact, when I told some of my friends about the lard, they wanted to know how much I was going to charge for it.  I delivered one box of lard to one friend (she’ll render it herself) and I’m delivering more to a friend this morning.  The pot that I have rendering this morning isn’t doing all that well because I didn’t cut the lard up small enough.  This afternoon when I get home from work, I’ll start another batch, but this time, I’ll run the lard through the grinder and then render it.

Tonight for supper, I plan to fry up some venison burgers using the lard.  Yummmmmm!

Now all I need to do is to head to our local Ace Hardware store and get the materials and ingredients for soap making.  We are supposed to get some snow over the next few days and it’s going to be cold so it will be a good weekend to make soap.

I tried to sneak up on Rose and Gwen to get a photo of them sleeping together, but I wasn’t quite sneaky enough.

Until later …