Last summer

After we got the calves off-loaded, Wally came over.  I tried to get Wally to help us load the calves, but he said he wasn’t messing with no cattle.  Putz!  We really didn’t need Wally’s help, I just thought he’d enjoy playing in the mud and cow dung.  Fly ball is ruining Wally’s willingness to get dirty.

Anyway, after Mark (the man who owns the cattle, left) Wally and I went to lunch.  He was clean, I had mud and other unmentionables on my pant legs.  I did put on a clean pair of boots.  We were talking about the ElectroNet and he reminded me of the day we went down into the lower pasture that I rent intending to set the ElectroNet where there was still some green grass.  We couldn’t get the fence posts in.  You can’t drive the ElectroNet posts, they are too flexible, so what we did was use a tent stake to start the hole, then we inserted the ElectroNet post.  Even though we were doing this in the morning, it was still hot as hell out there.  What Wally does for me.  He’s a good friend.

Putting ElectroNet posts in now is like inserting them in butter.  That’s a good thing!  Now I need to wait for it to dry out a bit so I can mow in some sections where the grass is high.  Hopefully I can get the lawn mower started.

I think I am going to go to agility this afternoon.  We’ll see how I feel later.  I did get most of my house cleaned yesterday afternoon.  I still have to fix the duck fence.

Off to get my ATV which is up at the neighbor’s house under cover and give the dogs a good run.  I want to go and look at the river too.  I hope to see it over-flow into the adjoining woods and fields.  When we get a lot of rain, some of the woods and fields flood.  It will be nice to see that happen again.  The pond is now up covering two of the legs to the dock.  There was a time where it was at least a foot, likely more, from the last posts on the dock.  The dock is new, my landlord built it during the drought when he was able to work in a dry area which was once under water.