Snow storms and chicken soup

Since Wally and I were snowed in; well, as snowed in as you can be when you have a farm to take care of, I decided to start a pot of chicken soup.  It was one of those “throw everything you can find in the refrigerator, pantry and freezer” types of soups and it was nothing short of fabulous!!!!  I gave each of the outside dogs a bowl of soup.  Gel didn’t get any: he’s a spoiled “inside” dog who gets to sleep on the bed.

The cool thing was Direct TV is running free SHOWTIME movie channels so we sat on our butts a good part of the day watching movies.

We went out several times during the day to make sure the animals had water and hay.  Gwen spent most of the day in her house.  When I checked on her around lunch time, I discovered a pool of manure in her house.  I panicked thinking she was sick.  I looked at her carefully … her hind end and udder were covered in manure.  She seemed fine and when Gel got close to her, she slung her head at him.  I quickly ran through my mind to see if I had fed her anything differently … I hadn’t.  Then I called Wally over and the voice of reason said that she had been in the same place all day; it’s no wonder there was so much manure there.  Okay, she’s a manure machine; I just hadn’t really noticed that because she normally moves around throughout the day depositing her manure in different locations.

Sure enough, when it was time for milking in the evening, she was up near the milk parlor waiting on us.  We hosed her off and then I dried her with several towels and thoroughly cleaned her udder.  She’s fine.  She was waiting on us up at the milk parlor this morning, luckily a lot cleaner this time.

Speaking of towels: used the new laundry detergent this morning and it worked like a charm!!!!

We are “snowed-in” here for the second day in a row.  Wally’s work is closed again today.  I don’t know what’s going on with MM, but given how the roads are, I’m not too inclined to try to get out.  The sun isn’t supposed to come out until tomorrow and we are not going to get above freezing today so it isn’t going to get any better today.  We were going to try to get out around lunchtime and deliver some eggs and produce to our clients, but the husband of one of our clients is a police officer and he said that the roads were treacherous and to stay in.

Another picture of Mica in the snow:

He’s turning into such a pretty boy!!!

Until later …