Stupid People

Some people simply can’t see the forest for the trees.  Posting to a list with a group of individuals hard-wired to preserve the working instinct of the Border Collie (which is not a bad thing) and a second group of individuals who do rescue a post like this is like slitting your wrists and then jumping into a pool of sharks.  What was this guy thinking?  Did he forget to insert his brain into his skull prior to sending this post as another poster accused?  The dog has very “strong herd eye, excellent crouch and works a good circle” what the heck is “strong herd eye” and since when does having an excellent crouch any indication of working ability?

In addition to the lack of working ability, the dog has temperament issues, “she would not come within 50′ of me but now I can at least touch her and she will come to me; in the fields which is a real delight.”  Hey, sign me up for a puppy out of that bitch, no matter what she’s bred to.  I could get a crouching puppy with “strong herd eye” that I couldn’t get within 50 feet of.  Just what I need.

I try to be nice, I really do, but sometimes the idiocy of people gets to me.