Settling in at MM

I worried that yesterday at MM was going to be hell.  It could have been, but luckily the managers looked out for me.  When I got in, the prep cooler was all but bare, as were the shelves in the walk-in and pantry.  Little prep had been done on Monday or Tuesday and the trucks had not been able to deliver.  The manager on duty asked me to make a list of what we were out of.  While I was doing that, I started to prep.  There was so much to do!  Luckily, they scheduled another prep person to come in at noon to help.  Just as I finished the list of what we were out of, the manager told me to move my truck.  One of the trucks had just arrived.  That was good news/bad news.  Usually this truck is unloaded and put up before I get in to work.  So it was chaos for a while.  Then the produce truck arrived and that had to be put away.  Luckily it was slow early on in the lunch hour so the manager sent people from the front line back to help us prep.  Within a short period of time, the prep cooler was full.

One of the guys said something to me that hit home: “when you work with a bunch of guys, you need to have a tough skin.”  I’m going to remember that.

Anyway, I’m off today, but I have to go to the unemployment office for my last work search review, that is assuming the office is even open.  Local schools are closed again.  That’s four days in a row now. Another possible problem is that right now, Yoda is stuck in the driveway.  I think I can get him out if I put him in four wheel drive, but maybe not.  I may be stuck here for the day!!!!

I really love reading Throwback at Trapper Creek.  This morning she wrote about deep bedding for livestock to capture manure to use for fertilizer.  What was particularly interesting to me was that she wrote that cows do not lie in their own excrement.  I was told that they did so when Gwen came up with a filthy udder, I just accepted it as something that cows do.  Well, since she’s been feeling better, her udder has been a whole lot cleaner.  Granted, occasionally she still comes up with a dirty udder, but it’s a lot better than it has been (saying a prayer to the cow god that her udder is clean this morning because it’s so bloody cold) and that she is lame makes getting around a lot harder for her.  We were cleaning out her house every few weeks, but I stopped that because I remembered the concept of deep bedding.  Gwen’s “house” is 10 x 10 so I expect that’s plenty big enough for one cow.

One cow: I keep thinking about getting another cow, but that’s my crazy self thinking.  Cows are a lot of work to take care of.  A friend of mine thought that ten goats was a lot of goats and I guess it is for some people, but I find the goats very easy to take care of.  At least one of my senior does and one of the junior does is going to be sold this year.

Oh it’s cold here.  Tonight the low is going to be nine degrees.  I asked Wally to pick-up a half dozen bales of straw on his way home so we can bed the animals down tonight.  All of the cats have been coming in the house at night.  Worthless beasts!  I have to put the two calico cats in a cage so the two black sisters don’t attack them.  It must be a color thing.

Coffee sure tastes good this morning.

Until later …