Brave horses

After I finished milking Gwen this morning, I went down to her round bale in took the tarp off it.  As I put the tarp on the ground, I had the brainy idea to flake some of the hay off and haul it on the tarp down to the horses.  It was still dark and they were eating their grain.  I was afraid I’d scare them dragging the hay on the tarp so first I hauled a load up closer to Gwen’s house.  No reaction from the horses so I brought the tarp back to the round bale and loaded it up for the horses and dragged it down to them.  Still no reaction.

Brave horses.

We are blessed to have a source for really nice round bales.  They are a mixture of fescue and Bermuda grass for a very reasonable price.  We get them from the same farmer we get our straw from.

Until later …