Sometimes things go downhill in a hurry.

I was having a good day.  Getting a lot done, including cleaning the house.  I was still waiting to hear from the unemployment office to see if I could put my work search audit off until next week.  By 3:00 I hadn’t heard anything and I needed onions so I figured I’d just drag my butt down there and get it done with.

Waited about an hour until someone called me.  Sat down and she started going on and on about the new software system that wasn’t working right.  I asked her to check how much money I had left, telling her that I thought I was about through.  Sure enough, I’m more than about through, I am through.  The check I got on Monday was it.  Great.

Meanwhile, she’s still going on and on about the software system (which was crashing).  Finally I interrupted her and told her that I needed to get going, could she please take my work search records and check me out.  Oh, she says, I don’t need those now.

Great, why didn’t they call me back to tell me that I didn’t need to come in.

So I head home and I’m less than a half mile from the house when I hear a strange noise.  I pull over and look and discover I had blown out a rear tire.  Great.  I knew that tire was in trouble.  The &$*&* Boxer at the dairy where Gwen came from would sometimes bite my tires when I drove out.  Now, whenever I go down there with my truck, I bring a buggy whip to hit the dog with if he came near my tires.

I called Wally (that’s just what he needed after the day he had) to come and change the tire.  It took a while and I didn’t have a coat and about froze to death.

Now I have to buy two, maybe four new tires.  Great.

So, it’s finally here.  No longer am I getting unemployment checks.  It is, truly, a relief.  I’ve been worrying, thinking and planning for this for a long time and now it is here.  Now we can enact our plans and get through this.  There haven’t been a lot of jobs to apply to lately.  January is probably a slow month for new jobs.  I heard on the news that the unemployment rate for Charlotte was 10.8 percent.  That’s high.  I need to treasure my job at MM because even though it’s only a little bit of money, it’s better than nothing.  It has its perks too.

It’s really cold this morning, but this is the last really cold morning for a while.   Wally did stop and get straw on his way home from work and we got Gwen well-bedded down.  The goats have a nice bed in their shelter and have each other to keep warm.  They use a lot of hay for bedding.  Goats are notorious for wasting hay.  Their used bedding gets hauled into the poultry pasture where the poultry go through it looking for scraps and eventually the pigs will as well.

Well, I guess I’ll start getting ready to go out milk.  I have to boil some water for my udder wash and to add to the horses’ and Gwen’s grain.  I sanitize my cheese pot by boiling water in it, then use that water for udder wash and warming up the grain.  My farrier is coming by this evening to pick up more whey to give to her horses.  She said that she sees benefits from feeding it.  Interesting.

Until later …