Found new babies this morning when I went out to milk and do chores.  Heavenly had triplets!!!  One was dead when I found it and unfortunately, it was a doe.  She has a buck and a doe surviving and both seem fine.  Beetaloo is showing a lot of interest in the babies and I expect she’ll deliver her babies soon.  She normally has triplets and she looks big enough to be carrying three babies.

Heavenly is an Oberhasli doe and the buck I used is an Alpine.  I was wondering what color the babies would be: if the Oberhasli bay coloring would be dominant like white is for Saanens (I bred one Alpine doe to a Saanen buck last year and both of her babies are white, even though she’s very dark brown [chamoisee is the technical color]).  The babies are both colored like the buck and look like Alpines.  Next year, I may breed the two Oberhasli does to an Oberhasli buck, but we’ll see how that goes.

Interestingly, Gwen’s milk production was up a bit from yesterday.  Could that be because I am stressing less about getting her bred?

Until later …

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