More babies!!!!

April (Oberhasli doe) delivered two babies yesterday afternoon.  It was perfect timing for a friend that drove into the driveway just as the first kid was being presented.  She stayed to watch both kids being born, pick up some eggs and greens and then headed home.

I worked until around 2 at MM and then came home and helped Wally work on the back part of the goat shelter.  We should be able to finish it this weekend.  Except for a new tarp, the new section is made completely from free or recycled materials.  Got to like that!!!!

I ate like crap yesterday and paid for it big time!!!!  My hands and back hurt like heck all night long.  I was so busy in the morning doing this and that, that I lost track of time and was almost late for work.  I didn’t have time to eat breakfast and didn’t bring my half gallon of milk.  I ate an egg and cheese biscuit from Bojangles and then stopped at Wendy’s on the way home and had a burger and fries.  I haven’t eaten fast food in a long, long time and it will be a long, long time before I eat it again.  That stuff is deadly.

Until later …