Darned cow and rotten people

Gwen went into reverse when I was milking her again last night.  It seems having her calf up here is more than she can bear in the evening.  Said calf was transported back down to the back pasture when I was finished milking.  That said, Wally is going to fix a tie post for her in the milk parlor so I can tie her before milking her.  I don’t need to be dealing with a cow trying to escape while milking.  I guess we were pretty stupid to think that she’d just stand there while milking.  The problem with leaving her calf in the back pasture is that he gets out.


Rotten people: I was talking to a friend of mine (I got the two Oberhasli goats from her) and mentioned the cow that we went to see on Sunday.  She asked who owned the cow.  I couldn’t remember his name, but she mentioned that his wife was related to someone who’s name I did know.  Her husband had gone rabbit hunting with the owner of the cow and she was mentioned while they were hunting.  It seems not only did the calf that the cow delivered die from diarrhea (not a cold as we were told); but a second calf that they put on her died from diarrhea as well.  It seems there’s something wrong with her milk that was causing calves to die from diarrhea.  I have no idea what that would be, but damned those people for lying like they did.  I hope no one bought her at the auction last night for a milk cow.

The guy that called Wally told him that she’d be a good milk cow or one to raise calves on.  Both Wally and I knew there was something fishy about the story because if she was such a good cow, they wouldn’t be selling her.  I’m glad that we listened to our instincts on that one.   Slime bags!!!!

The winter storm that was formerly forecast for today into Wednesday is now going to be a rain event.  Very glad of that.  Wish we were able to finish the back part of the goat shelter.

Last night for supper we had steaks from Buster, a salad using lettuce from garden and oven fries.  Was it ever good!!!!

Until later …