Oh, yesterday was hard.  I came in to find that there was a flood in the back part of the restaurant.  Lovely.  Not only did I need to walk very, very carefully while I was working, but later on, I had to listen to the noise of a giant vacuum cleaner they used to clean up the mess, not to mention tripping over the hose and having to give up most of my prep space to the products they were taking out of the beer cooler that got wet.

The amount of prep work that needs to be done to keep that restaurant running, even on a slow day, is momentous.  My hands, chest and shoulders are killing me.  To give you an example yesterday, I peeled and sliced (using a crank slicing machine) 25 pounds of peppers, 25 pounds of onions; I sliced two whole hams, cooked a 25 pound bag of bacon (which entails hauling huge baking pans to and from the oven, it’s easy putting the pans in the oven, taking them out when they are hot and sloshing grease isn’t so easy), chopped two large hotel pans of lettuce mix and another pan of romaine, etc., etc., etc.  I’m tired just thinking of it … and I have to do it again today!!!!  I’ll also find out today if there was anything that they ran out of during the evening hours.

Yesterday morning was stressful even before I even got to work.  I didn’t get up early enough to get all the chores done and was running late.  It was windy and dust settled in the milk.  Even though I filtered it twice, there was still specks of dust in the milk.  I gave most of it to the chickens.  Needless to say, Wally and I spent time when we got home from work blowing out the milk parlor and raking out the hitching area to cut down on the dust.  The chickens are going to have to stay out of the hitching area.  They love to go in there and scratch around looking for grain that Gwen spilled, but they are making a mess.  Chickens make messes.

Gwen has been behaving like a perfect lady during milking.  She’s been giving close to two gallons per milking.  That coupled with another two gallons from the goats means we are about drowning in milk right now.  I’m back to making cheese at least once a day.  I’m also using my Piima culture to make yogurt and it’s fantastic!!!  I like it better than regular yogurt.

I best get going and get ready for work so I don’t have to rush like I did yesterday morning.

Until later …