Day off … finally

It was a wonderful feeling lying in bed this morning knowing that I could ease into the day.  Wednesday was a relatively easy day at MM and I got out at 2:30 which was good.  I had errands to run, which errands included going to Wal-Mart to get the multitude of things we were out of.  It’s funny, eight months or year or so ago Wally would go to Wal-Mart every Saturday and spend close to or over $100.  I don’t know what we were buying.  I’ve avoided going to Wal-Mart or any grocery store for that matter like the plague.  I just don’t want to be in a store.  If I did go in a store, it was for one or two specific items and then I was out again.  Well, Wednesday morning I had to tell Wally I couldn’t make his sandwich because the cold cuts I had in the refrigerator had gone bad and that he would have to go to the canteen and get a fake sandwich.  I felt horrible!

In addition to Wal-Mart, I stopped at a small used appliance store that is just around the corner from where we live.  They had an apartment-sized refrigerator I wanted to look at.  Milk and yogurt bottles have been taking over our refrigerator for a long time now.  It is quite frustrating to try to find something in the refrigerator when you have to wade through glass bottles of milk or yogurt.  We’ve been wanting to get a second refrigerator for a long time and now that we have it, I can see how much of a pain in the ass it was to have all those bottles of milk in the main refrigerator.  Right now, there are 12-half-gallon bottles of milk and three-quart bottles of yogurt in the little refrigerator with room for more.  That’s more milk than we usually have in the refrigerator, but most of it will go out today.  I am amazed at how many people want raw milk to feed to their dogs and cats.  It’s a good supplement to a raw meat diet.  Our dogs, cats and chickens consume a lot of the milk.

The appliance store is going to get us a large chest freezer that is no longer working to be used for grain storage.  I can’t wait to get that.  Keeping grain in trash cans just isn’t cutting it.  Plus it will enable us to get the trash cans out of the milk parlor giving me more room.

I also need to get control of the cheese (bath)room.  In addition to making cheese, I wash and store my milking buckets in there as well.  Most of this is done in the bathtub.  I was storing my milk buckets upside down on the lip of the tub, but more times than not, they’d get tipped over into the tub which not only makes a god-awful noise, but often it means I need to rewash the buckets.  I put a divider to a dog crate over the tub, supporting it with a 2×2, but that isn’t terribly sturdy either and frequently the buckets, cheese pans, filters, etc. fall into the tub and that makes a really bad noise.  This is a really small bathroom, which is good because I can keep the temperature pretty constant for cheese making, but there isn’t a lot of spare room.  I took measurements and will go to Lowes today to see if I can find a wire shelving unit that will fit either on top of the sink or in the tub to store my milk pails, cheese pots, etc. on.

I wanted to work in the garden today and get in some seeds, but we are supposed to get an icy mix tomorrow so it may be better to put that off until the weekend.

Until later …