Milking under the stars

It was cold riding up to where Gwen is on the ATV (yea, yea, Rosemoon I could be walking …) but once I got there, it was actually quite pleasant milking her under the stars.  The horizon gradually lightened as I finished up and I was able to turn off my headlamp.  Gwen is being amazingly cooperative about milking in a new environment.  The milk bucket literally ran over this morning.  Since I didn’t have anywhere to store the milk (both cheese pots are full, the little refrigerator bit the dust Saturday night and the big refrigerator is full to the gills) so I dumped it into her grain bucket and hauled it home that way.  The chickens, dogs and cats are enjoying it now.

Thursday isn’t going to be so pleasant milking under the stars … there won’t be no stars to be seen, we are supposed to get a rain/snow/sleet mix.  Luckily I’m off Thursday so I can be a little more flexible in timing.

After milking Gwen and putting her back in the pasture, I headed home to milk the goats and take care of the rest of the chores.  I still have a few things left to do before I get into the shower and head to work.

I’m tired …

Not looking forward to work today.  I’m sure MM was slammed last night with customers watching the Super Bowl and the prep cooler is probably bare.

Yes, the new little refrigerator died Saturday night.  It crapped out earlier and I called the store and told me how to re-set it, which we did, but it crapped out again.  I was really worried that we were going to have trouble with the store and their 90 day warranty, but he assured me that he’d replace the refrigerator with a brand new one in a box.  That’s cool … but I won’t have the replacement refrigerator until Tuesday evening so until then, the big refrigerator is once again, stuffed to the gills.

Until later …