Gwen Update

We think Gwen has been bred.  I’m a bit apprehensive about feeling certain about it and feel like I should just leave her up there for another 20 days just to be sure.  We were going to bring her home this weekend and then take her back up there in 18 days.  That she came in heat and was bred within days of going up there seems too good to be true.  Cows cycle every 18 to 24 days.  It is a royal PITA going up there twice a day to milk her, but it could be worst.  I’ll have to talk to the vet this afternoon to see if he’s agreeable to that arrangement.  He’s being really good to us.

Today is my day off so I’m enjoying having some free time to just relax and move at a slower pace.  In a little bit, I need to go up to the dairy to pick up a bull calf to raise up to breed Gwen in 2012.  Even though we got a dusting of snow last night, it’s really pretty out.  I’ve got the doors open to let some fresh air in.  I need to get some serious cleaning, organizing done and I feel like I can get to that today.

Last week and early this week I was seriously dragging.  I think I was fighting something off.  MM hasn’t been so hard this week and I have been getting sent home earlier than I was last week.  There are big changes going on there now.  Hopefully nothing will affect me too much.  I was a bit put off when they cut me at 2:30 yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things, getting cut an hour earlier than I was working is really no big deal.  Or at least I thought so until I came home and got a $170 power bill.  Agh!  I thought we would be alright with the budget plan we were on for 2010, but we went over the budgeted amount by $55. Bummer!!!  No surprise given how hot the summer was and how cold the winter has been.

I guess I better get my butt in gear and get some things done.

Until later …