A minor spill

I took a spill off the ATV Friday morning.  I didn’t let it warm up enough prior to heading out to milk Gwen, it suddenly stalled out on me at a very inopportune time and I went over the handle bars.  I’m feeling pretty sore now and over the past few days I’ve been preserving my strength for milking rather than typing.

We brought Gwen home yesterday afternoon and that was a very good thing.  When we put her down with Spot this morning, he tried to ride her, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with him.  We might let Spot tell us if Gwen comes back into heat in 21 days rather than bringing her back up there.  Having to commute to the vet’s house twice a day to milk her really did me in.

Granted fall off the ATV has made me sore; but I’ve been sore for several weeks now.  I think it’s partially due to the additional work I’m having to do at MM as well as the additional milking I’m doing.  I’ve never milked both Gwen and the goats at the same time.  When Gwen freshened last year, the goats were slowing down in production.  I dried off the goats earlier than normal last year and for many months was only milking Gwen.  Now, I’m milking Gwen and four goats in the morning and Gwen and two goats in the PM.

Yesterday I bought a 50 pound bag of Thorvin Kelp which was ridiculously expensive, but without proper mineral intake, all the work I’m doing with feeding the goats, cows and Sudi is close to worthless.  Apparently, with proper mineral supplementation, the feed they eat will be more beneficial.  I also got a bag of regular minerals to offer to the critters.

It hurts to type.

Until later …

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  1. Ouchie! :o(

    Try a warm bath with epsom salts. Arnica 200 is great for acute injuries. Traumel is also good – both the pills and the cream. I keep some with me always for emergencies. The other thing you can do, is maybe ask Wally to give you a massage – doesn’t have to be strong pressure. Just moving the skin over the muscles will do the trick. Are you familiar with TEAM/TTouch? They use little circles, moving the skin around the muscles. Bowen Therapy works well too.

    Be kind to yourself the next couple of days…

  2. Hey, thanks … been doing a lot of that and have been in contact with my homeopath. Unfortunately, back to work tomorrow … can’t afford to take too much time off as I don’t have any sick time.

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