A quick update

All the chores are done (I think!) and soon I’ll have to get dressed for MM.  I am not feeling all that great, but nothing a couple of aspirin won’t temporarily take care of.  Yes, I occasionally take aspirin and more than occasionally, allergy medicine, but you do what you’ve got to do.

Yesterday Wally (mostly Wally) and I transported a wagon-load of soil from the former pig enclosure.  Gosh, it’s rich, beautiful dirt.  It was also quite wet, compacted and heavy (that’s why Wally did most of the shoveling).  It is supposed to be warm and dry as a bone over the next week or so it will dry out that soil and I’ll be able to loosen the clumps.  I need to get a bunch of seeds in the ground so I think I’m going to set the goal of getting one set of seeds in per day.

I found page 30 of this catalog very interesting.  Look at how much pasture, hay and vegetables the cows were fed.  I’m sure this is a huge difference from what they are fed today … I’ll bet the cows at many dairies are fed very little, if any pasture.  Sad.  While the dairy where Gwen came from does feed a lot of forage, Gwen is a very lucky cow to be here … as are the calves we’ve purchased from that same dairy.  Those that we don’t buy go to a hell hole (yes, it is a hell hole) where they are fed powdered milk for eight weeks and then pushed on grain and hay.  We saw first hand where those calves were raised and what they looked like.  That was incredibly upsetting.

Until later …