Gas Prices

Are they not ridiculous?  I was considering going to South Mountain to ride Sudi on Thursday, but not with gas being as high as it is.  As much as I enjoy riding at South Mountain, it seems a frivolous expense given our current financial situation.  It is not only the price of gas (South Mountain is 30 miles away); but wear and tear on the truck.  It’s a hard pull getting there.

If more people stayed home instead of digging deep in their pockets to make trips that they could do without, that would drive gas prices down.  Too many people are willing to just go, no matter the cost.  I’m not one of those people.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Thursday so I’ll plan on getting seeds in the garden (which is something else I’m thinking hard about doing) and riding Sudi at home.  It won’t be as fun as riding at South Mountain and I don’t think I can condition him for endurance rides riding at home, but there’s always next year.  I’m also thinking that my riding in endurance rides is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Work at MM yesterday was hard, but good.  They missed me during my days out; they really did!!!  That was very gratifying.  I overheard the manager telling one of the other prep people to look at the reach-in cooler: that was what it was supposed to look like and that I did all that work by myself since 9:30 that morning.  Yea!! Finally my work is appreciated.  I worked until 4:30 yesterday.  That was a new record.  We’ll see what today brings.

Regarding the seeds: we are in a dry spell and I hope, hope, hope that this is not going to be the trend.  Given how wet the soil was that we took out of the pig enclosure makes me think that it’s very heavily mulched with organic material so maybe using it in a bed will help keep moisture in the bed.

The carrots I planted a few weeks ago did not sprout.  Odd.  I need to be a bit more careful about how I plant those small seeds.  I mixed them with coffee grounds, broadcast them in the bed and then covered them with peat moss.  That didn’t work so I’ll need to go to planting in rows.  I’m not a very organized gardener; not terribly organized at all.

I need to get up earlier in the morning.

Until later …

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  1. I read today that the spike in gas prices is due to the political unrest in the oil producing states. Tunis started something that is spreading across Northern Africa and beyond. The population in these countries is incredibly young and they all communicate by social networking on the Web. We do live in interesting times!

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