Homeopathy to the rescue

I’ve been somewhat down on homeopathy for a while now.  Not so sure it worked, not so much because homeopathy as “medicine”; but because people and animals these days are so sick that nothing can help them.

Several months ago, Mica bit the tail of one of the cats.  The puncture wounds were not healing.  Gel was frequently helping the cat to clean the wounds.  I consulted with my homeopath who suggested a remedy and amazingly (yes, amazingly!) the wounds are starting to heal.

Friday night, one of the bull calves went off his food.  Saturday morning, he had diarrhea and wouldn’t eat all.  I gave me a dose of Arsenicum and we used a folk remedy for calves with diarrhea (scours): a raw egg.  Sounds odd, huh, giving a calf a raw egg for diarrhea.  Well, last night he ate fine and this morning not only did he eat well, but he’s out running around bucking and kicking with the other bull calf.  Yea!

Mica slept in the house last night for the first time in a long time.  He’s been barking a lot at night; probably thinking he’s helping Rose in her work.  I can’t stand Border Collies barking; I can’t stand dogs barking period.  Rose’s bark doesn’t bother me so much because I know she’s working.  He did really well.  As I write this, he’s lying at Wally’s feet.  Of course as soon as I get up, he’ll be up bouncing around, but it’s time Mica learns to be a big dog.  He’ll be a year old soon.

Gosh, I’d love to have some sheep to start him on, but that simply isn’t going to happen.  The prices that animals are bringing at the livestock sale that Wally goes to every Thursday are through the roof; obscenely through the roof.  I know cattle prices are really high.  That doesn’t make any sense given how expensive grain is.  How are people planning on feeding these animals?  I expect, in time, the bottom is going to fall out and livestock prices will fall, but probably not for sheep.  Still, that livestock AND grain prices are so high at the same time is reason to believe that there is something terribly wrong with the World right now.  The World has become a very scary place.  Glad we are becoming so self-reliant.

That’s okay though.  I started Gel on ducks and then goats.  I got sheep to work him on because I wanted to trial.  I won’t be doing any trialing so why should I need sheep?  I’ll need Mica to work cattle and goats, not sheep.  As soon as the goat kids get a little bit bigger I’ll start to separate them off from the rest of the goats and see how Mica handles them.  He’s sure interested in working them.

Yesterday, Wally went to a mill in Statesville and picked up 1,000 pounds of a special mixture of grain to be fed to Sudi, Gwen and the goats.  It’s primarily oats and barley.  I can’t get barley around here so we have to go to Statesville to get it.  Statesville is about 40 miles away.  I figured I’d go ahead and get 1,000 pound so that we can limit our trips to get grain.  Right now we have it stored in a spare bedroom.  We don’t want to risk rodents or the chickens getting into it.  Not that there should be any rodents around given how many cats live here.  I’ve cut way back on how much the cats are getting from me so that they’ll be more inclined to hunt for their own food.  They need to contribute towards the good of the farm.

I hope to get some seeds in today and ride Sudi this afternoon.

Until later …