Seeds in the ground

I got my butt in gear and got a bunch of seeds in the ground yesterday.  I planted two types of carrots; two types of beets; three types of peas; rutabaga; tri-color romaine lettuce and arugula.  Of course, that means I didn’t get to ride Sudi.  The good thing is that except for watering the seeds, checking for weeds and making sure the screens over the beds stay in place (keeping the chickens and cats out of the beds) I won’t have any real gardening to do for a few weeks.

The soil that we pulled from the pig enclosure may not work well for the beds.  It is too full of organic material (if that’s possible!).  The chunks won’t break up.  We may borrow a tiller to break up what’s left in the enclosure for future use.  I’m toying with planting potatoes and onions in that bed and seeing how that goes.  Previously, I wasn’t going to plant potatoes or onions, but from what I’ve read, both potatoes and onions prefer soil that is high in fertility with plenty of organic matter.  I think if we get some good rain, those clumps will break up more than they are now given how dry it is.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good morning.  Got about three gallons of milk from four goats and another two from Gwen.  I made a batch of cheese from most of it, fed the calves and made three quarts of yogurt.  I think, finally, the horrible muscle soreness that I have been experiencing seems to be abating.

Back to Sudi: I think my confidence is still a bit low after the fall I had off Virgil last year.  Trophy did a lot helped to restore that confidence and I think Sudi is going to be an even better confidence-restorer, but I’m finding it difficult to get back in the saddle.  I changed the “did a lot” to “helped” when speaking of Trophy because Trophy had a lot of spook in him.  Every time he spooked, my heart jumped into my throat.  Even though Sudi is a lot younger than Trophy, he’s a much more stable horse.  I’m trying to find an inexpensive Western saddle to use for just tooling around the house with Sudi saving my endurance saddle for longer rides.  Heck, the chances of my being able to do an endurance ride are looking to be about nil right now.  I can’t even afford to go to South Mountain to ride these days.

Things will get better.  They are really not that bad.

Until later …