Two good days in a row!

Please!  Make it stop!!!!  Gosh I love it when all of the animals behave, milk flows as it should, Gel does what I need him to do and the weather is decent.  Gwen in particular is being really, really good.  She’s eating like a cow (really!) so I feel pretty sure she’s pregnant.  Needless to say, she’ll have to go back up to my neighbor’s house Friday night to stay with the bull for four days to make sure.  Not looking forward to having to go up there twice a day, but at least the weather is a lot more cooperative than it was when she was there last.

Except for the wind (I hate the wind!) and the dryness (please, don’t make us go through another hot, dry summer) the weather has been beautiful.  It was so pretty yesterday while I was out doing chores.

Can I brag on Sudi too?  He’s a magnificent horse!  I am going out tonight after work to look at a used Simco saddle.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks like it might work.  I am hoping it’s in decent condition.  I can restore the leather, I did that with my Marciante saddle, but I can’t fix structural damage.  The seller assures me it’s sound so I’m hoping.  It’s well within my price range.  If not, there’s one in Iowa that will work.  It’s a bit more and I’ll have to pay shipping, but I think it’s in really good shape.  Of course, money is the deciding factor.  If this saddle works out, I am going to get my butt in gear and ride that horse tomorrow.  The weather has been conflicting: says 70 percent chance of rain on Thursday, but the local news says it will rain Friday.  I have a number of things to get down on Thursday such as getting the banana bread factory going.

Off to move animals to the lower pasture.  Except for Gwen, all of the animals are spending the day down in the lower pasture.

Until later …