I took some pictures last night.  I was trying out a point and shoot camera to see if I’d like it.  I don’t think I do.  I’m spoiled with my Nikon digital.  I guess I’m going to have to lug it around if I want good pictures.

Anyway, here’s a few shots of the cattle.  You’ll need to scroll down a bit to see them as they are too wide to fit in this column without interfering with the menu bar to the right.  I’ll have to tweak the style sheet code to allow for this.

Gel gets more confident working the cattle each day.  They are turn off him quite well now.  If only I could get him to heel, then he’d have all the tools he needs to get cattle moving.  As I understand it, heeling is primarily genetic and can’t be taught.  We’ll see.  Gel is a head dog though, there’s no question about that. 




The three heifers

Gel moving cattle from behind the feed trough

Gel driving the three heifers

Gel turning the cattle, note the trouble maker saying 'make me.'

Here’s a few shots of my agility field:

Agility Field

Agility Field

Here’s the dogs cooling off in the pond:

Dogs cooling off in pond

Here’s a group photo of my sheep:


Here’s a photo of the side field that I mention quite a bit taken from the lower part, near my house:

Side Field

And here are two photos taken from the top, up near Red’s house:

Side Field

Side Field

Here are three images of the back field that I rent and my panels which still need to be fixed:

Back Field

Back Field

Back Field

Here’s a back view to Red’s barn and property, the Christmas tree farm is here too:

Red's House

Here’s my horrible first fencing job:

First Fence Job

Here’s my sitting area and a view from the sitting area. Note that I purposely didn’t take the paint off these chairs preferring the rustic look:

Sitting Area

View from Sitting Area

Finally, here’s Fern casting around Guinea Fowl, which are impossible to herd, but don’t tell Fern that:

Fern casting around Guinea Fowl

I hope you enjoy these photos.  Eventually I’ll link them to where ever I mention them in this Blog.