We are getting beautiful rain this morning.  Unfortunately, that makes milking a wet mess, but we so need the rain.  The weather forecast for the upcoming week is for temperatures in the low sixties so with the rain, things ought to really start growing.  Unfortunately, the rain means I won’t be able to ride and if the weather forecast is correct, rain is forecast again for my next day off.  Bummer!

I got a new (used) book yesterday and I’m afraid I’m going to have to fight Wally for this one.  It’s a book I wish I wrote myself entitled, The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love written by Kristin Kimball.  I do buy books, always used, maybe one every other month.  This is the first one I saw Wally pick up to read.  We rented the movie Secretariat today, but I may have difficulty keeping my nose out of the book to watch it.  I do like the how-to books, but I particularly like memoirs and I think this one is going to be one of my favorites.

Milking went okay, a bit wet, but okay.  I now have a pot of milk sitting in the cheese room; it’s pretty neat to put a pot of milk in the cheese room and 24 hours later I have a big ball of tasty cheese.  I used some of the cheese last night to make a big pan of cheesy, spaghetti and meatballs.  It was wonderful.  So good, I might make it again tonight.  I cooked the spaghetti right in the sauce.

While I’d like to be able to go outside and do things today, it’s sort of nice staying holed up in the house and taking it easy.

Until later …

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  1. Well, if you don’t get a book out of all these trials, tribulations and lessons learned, you’re missing a good bet and perhaps a few royalties.

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