Trying to get a handle on the chores

There are times, lots of times in fact, that I feel overwhelmed with the chores that need to be done on a daily basis.  I think some of these feelings are due to feeling overwhelmed by my day job at MM.  I didn’t sleep well last night worrying about the new menu items that start today.  All of them are going to equal more work for the prep people.  For example, we had a spinach/artichoke dip on the menu which was a bit of a PITA as it was, but now we have to stem and then cook spinach on the flat top, add artichokes and cheese to the base when previously all we had to do was to squeeze the dip out of a plastic bag into serving bowls and sprinkle grated cheese over each boat.  Granted, it’s nice that they are using more “fresh” ingredients, but when they have the back of the house help pared down to just about nobody, any additional prep work is not welcome.  In addition to the new dip preparation, I’ll have to make caramelized pecans, sauerkraut, olive tapenade and prep fresh mozzarella for a new pizza.  Agh!  I’m tired thinking of it.

While Wally doesn’t outright complain, at least not too often, I think he’s getting a little tired of the chores.  Maybe not, I don’t know, but I worry about that.  I feel like I need to step up to the plate and take on more of the chores myself and give Wally more down time.  He works more hours than I do.


I wrote the above Monday morning, then decided to talk to Wally about his comment Sunday evening that made me worry that he was getting tired of the chores.  He told me that he never thought he’d be back in a position where he’d have to take care of animals every day, twice a day (although if he was still in his former home, he had the sheep he’d have to take care of, but with permanent fencing, sheep are not too much work).  He said that yes, sometimes he gets tired of it, who wouldn’t, but that he didn’t want to stop, that he saw the importance in what we were doing.

By the time I was through talking to him, I had to get out to milk and then I had no more time to write.

MM was tough yesterday.  Luckily, the prep work for most of the new menu items was already done, but I had to make the new spinach/artichoke dip and yes, it was a PITA.  There was no prep person on Sunday evening to a lot was not done.  Also, there is no dishwasher scheduled Monday during the day so dishes kept getting piled to the ceiling.  It was not very busy and several of the front end people spent a good amount of time coming to the back where I work texting and talking on their telephones and if they were not doing that, they were up front hanging around or out back smoking.  Hey!  I’m buried back here, how about giving me just a little bit of that free time and helping me out a bit.

They are simply not that disciplined.  I come from a different world than they do.

Oh well, I got through it and I’m a bit sore this morning, but not too bad.  Today should not be so hard … unless it was really busy last night.

All of the goats and the cows spent the day down in the back pasture yesterday.  Wally said that when he was up in their shelter gathering eggs, he could smell the fresh grass on them.  Gwen milked strong so hopefully she’s getting enough to eat down there now so that I can put her down there during the day and we can feed a little bit less hay.  Rain was forecast for Wednesday and Thursday this week, but I just checked and now it’s just Wednesday which will be wonderful given that Thursday is my day off so maybe I can ride!  If not, there’s always cleaning, baking and taxes to do.  Lovely.

A really crappy thing happened to me yesterday morning, which is another reason why I stopped writing this post.  I got fed up with Spam e-mail and decided to go back to Spam Arrest, a service I was using several years ago.  It costs about $6 a month so I figured that would be worth it to keep Spam to a minimum.  I went to the web site, logged in and attempted to re-establish my service.  What happened was not only did I re-establish my service, but the company charged me for approximately 30 months of previous service!  What???????  I freaked because that came to $172, money I do not have freely available.  I e-mailed the company and told them that all I wanted to do was to re-establish my service, meaning setting up my credit card so that they’d bill me once a month as they did before and would they please refund the $172.  They wrote back saying that I owed for service that I had but didn’t pay for.  What?????  How could I have had approximately 30 months of service without their billing me for it or canceling the service when I didn’t pay for it?  As soon as the charges actually posts to my account, I’ll dispute it.  Fingers crossed that this works out in my favor.  I go on record here to say that Spam Arrest sucks and I do not recommend them.  I’d rather weed through Spam than to deal with such a company.

I have my camera around my neck and feel like I need to keep it there.  I missed a fantastic shot yesterday: at least four (maybe five) black cats were seated on the sides of the stock trailer.  It would have been a great shot and because my camera was sitting in the house, I missed it.  I miss so much and I hate that.

Until later …