Can you just leave the time alone?

The time change so screws me up, especially the “spring forward” time change.  I don’t like my sleep messed with.  I’m running on two nights of bad sleep and I’m cranky.

It doesn’t help that my barefoot farrier, my soon-to-be-former barefoot farrier writes me this long, wordy e-mail about how she went out with some other folks and did a training ride at South Mountain in preparation for a ride this coming weekend that we were supposed to do together.  She knows how much I want to do endurance rides with Sudi, but right now, I simply can’t afford the gas to drive to South Mountain or to endurance rides.  She’s commuting with other people.  Heaven forbid she count me in with these other people.  She says what suits her at the moment and then the story changes on down the road, numerous times.  She’s a good person, but she’s a constant source of aggravation and frustration and I really need to move on from her.  I don’t need any more aggravation or frustration in my life than what is already there.

As far as making it to endurance rides and being able to ride at South Mountain again, I have to have faith that good things come to those who wait.

I did ride Sudi yesterday.  He was a wild man!!!  I tacked him up in my Marciante (endurance) saddle and then did some ground work with him.  He was a rearing, bucking, pawing fool.  I kept checking the tack to make sure there wasn’t anything there that was bothering him.  Nope.  Finally I mounted him and we headed out.  He tried to run away with me once, but thank goodness for one rein stops.  After that, he settled down and we had a good ride.  I love to ride and I really need to make the time to do it more often.  I guess now that it’s lighter later in the day I might have more opportunity to ride during the week.

I’d rather wait for the days to naturally lengthen.  Quit mucking with the time!!!!!

Regarding the saddle situation, I’m a fool.  I must have been blind when I measured the skirt length of the Western saddle when I was down in the basement that day.  It is way too long.  I had the fenders and stirrup leathers replaced and I don’t think I’ll lose money on the saddle.  I put it for sale both on Craigslist and e-Bay.  Hopefully I can sell it.  It’s that stupid Wanting Mind working again.  I love that Marciante saddle.  It fits both Sudi and me.  Granted, it doesn’t have the security that a Western saddle has, but I can get security in the saddle by riding more … and of course, praying that I don’t come off him before I achieve that security.  There’s something about Sudi’s headset that makes his mane easy to grab hold of if I get into trouble.  Who needs a saddle horn?

The last two shifts I worked at MM were rough.  It was crazy busy and there was a lot of prep to be done.  I’m dreading going in today.  Last Monday was hell.  I have no reason to believe today will be any different.

Attitude, I have to change my attitude and think that it’s going to be a breeze today.  Ha!

Thanks to the ACC Tournament, Wally and I had a good amount of down time this weekend.  We did go down to try to fix the fence at the bottom of the pasture, but it cannot be fixed.  Eventually we are going to have to run a line of fence, something I’m not looking forward to.  Hopefully the hedgerow will fill in enough this spring to keep the goats in for the warmer months and we can do the fencing in the fall.  We may not be so lucky and once my landlord plants the garden down below, we’ll need to make sure the goats can’t get out into it.

Off to milk so that I have a chance of getting to work on time.

Until later …