Doing the happy dance!!!!

I think I got it … I finally made the break-through at MM.  I got  A LOT done yesterday and I still got out at 3:30.  If I was a dishonest employee, I could have stayed later and “milked” the clock, but I was done so I left.  Yea, I may be finally toughening up to the work.

Now if I can only get back to my 5:30 or earlier rise and shine time.  At least I slept better last night.

My day off, Thursday, is looking to be fantastic as far as the weather is concerned.  The temperature is going to be 70 degrees and it’s going to be sunny.  Whoo Hoo!!!!

We are going to have to bite the bullet and extend the milk parlor.  We are storing the grain in the actual milk parlor and it’s made it just too crowded in there.  We’ve thought about and thought about and discussed it and discussed it.  The building is simply not adequate and we really should tear it all down and start over, but that can’t be done so we need to do what we can with it.  We’ll convert the actual milking area to grain and possibly hay storage, the hitching area to the milk area and extend out to a new hitching area into the poultry pasture.  This may work out really well because it will give me a door in (through the poultry pasture) and a door out (the hitching area).  That’s really the ideal way to have a milk parlor: a door in and a door out.

I’m already late so I best get my butt in gear and get out and get my milking done.  This morning I’ll be milking five goats and one cow.  It’s amazing I still have hands and arms left with all that I do with them.  I’ve turned into a virtual milking machine!  The good thing about this milking machine is that it can be fueled with milk (and of course other food) rather than electricity.  It makes our farm more self-sufficient!!!!  We have electricity (via a drop cord) in the milk parlor, but if we had to, we could use a lantern for light.  We do not need to rely on electricity or fossil fuels to get the milk out of our critters.

Until later …

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  1. Maybe the milking is improving your veggie chopping; or maybe your veggie chopping is improving your milking. I wonder…..

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