New babies!!!

Socks, one of our first time home-bred does, had her babies yesterday.  She did a wonderful job and is a fantastic mother.  She had a buck and a doe (I think!).  We set them aside in a small pen for the night, but I’ll let them out this morning.  I’ve already gone out to check on them and everyone is fine.  She wasn’t so sure about the babies suckling, but she’ll soon be fine with it.

It’s pretty exciting having second generation Spellcast babies on the farm.  I have no idea how Socks will be as a milking doe, but both her mother and grandmother are good milking does and she’s well bred, so she should be fine.  For the first year, all she needs to do is feed her babies.

We are considering weaning the babies this year in August.  Minimally, we’ll wean the bucks.  I don’t want to have any does bred in August like they were last year.  The earliest I want to have anyone bred is September.  Right now, we are planning on keeping Beetaloo’s buck and breeding him to all of the does except for Beetaloo and any does we decided to keep from this year.  We’ll use Enzo for Beetaloo and the young does.  We had hoped to have a doe to keep from Beetaloo this year, but it wasn’t to be so we’ll utilize her genes via her buck.  Neither of us thought Beetaloo would be still around at this time.  She was a sick cookie for a while and I thought we were going to have to put her down.  Not only is she still here, but right now, she’s the highest producing doe I am milking.

I am so glad the Oberhasli that was giving a gallon per milking isn’t doing that this year.  She gives a half gallon which is perfectly acceptable and her udder looks 100 percent better than it did last year.

Yesterday was wet and rainy, not a good day for new babies.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic for the next few days so hopefully the rest of the does will kid in the good weather.

I found out yesterday the kitchen manager at MM quit on Saturday.  It’s no surprise, the writing was on the walls.  He couldn’t handle the pressure.  I’m jockeying for some of his responsibilities.  Hopefully I’ll get them and if I do and am successful at them, I’m going to ask for a raise.  Not that I’ll get it, but you don’t know until you ask.

Until later …

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