Midwife I am

I was late going out to milk this morning.  It’s my day off and I was moving slowly.  I finished the goats and then got Gwen up and was just finishing up her two rear quarters when I heard one of the goats calling in distress.  I peered around Gwen’s hocks and saw one of the two Saanen/Alpine cross does lying flat out obviously in labor and having a hard time.  Great I thought to myself, I couldn’t very well leave Gwen so I finished her up as quickly as I could, shoved her out of the milk parlor and headed in to help the doe.

When I got there, I saw two hooves sticking out of what seemed like a way-too-small opening for the rest of the kid.  Shoot!  Wally has always been the one to assist in difficult deliveries.  I’m not squeamish, but I just abhor the thought of handling slimy babies and sticking my hand into such sensitive territory doesn’t do much for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of causing the animal any more pain that what they must already be feeling.  I quickly called Wally and told him that he might need to come home to help.  He told me that I was going to have to help her.  Great.

I managed to get my fingers around the front feet and pulled down enough for the nose of the baby to start to come out.  I was worried when I saw the tongue was out and the baby was looking blue in color.  I pulled some more and the doe got up and started walking away.  I stayed with her and when she lied down again, I pulled some more and the baby popped out.  It was still alive!  Yea!  The doe got up and turned around and looked at the baby as if to say, “what is that?”  She licked it a bit and made awful faces.

I picked up the baby and brought it into the area in the back of the goat shelter where we had Socks and her two babies, evicted Socks and her babies and led the new mother in.  She started to clean the baby, still making awful faces and the vibrant little thing got up almost immediately.  It’s a buck and a nice, healthy-looking baby.

Wally always tries to assist the new babies to get their first drink, but I went back into the house and grabbed a cup of coffee and went back out to watch.  The baby got his first drink all on his own.

Two down, two more to go.  They are not going in the order that I expected them to, but such is pregnancy and birth.

I’ve been out doing a few errands, hung a few loads of clothes out on the line, cleaned up the milk parlor a bit and that’s pretty much all I’ve done today.

Sometimes it seems as though the farm is consuming me.  I find it hard to set aside a whole lot of time to do things for me … like riding Sudi.  I know I still have some apprehension about riding and that keeps me from making the time to ride him.  It’s rather unfortunate as I get so much out of riding.

Until later …

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  1. Good job, Michelle. From now on, you are considered “capable and soon to be expert” at delivering farm babies!

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