A busy weekend …

Essentially doing nothing, I guess, or so it seems.  Of course, Saturday was spent working and was extremely frustrating.  Not looking forward to going to work today because Sunday was the general manager’s last day and they do not yet have a replacement.  While the cat’s away, the mice will play and without her riding herd on many of the employees, things are going to go to south really quickly.  They’ve been going south essentially all week because she wasn’t caring too much about what was going on.  She was done with the place.  The owner is opening today and that ought to be interesting.  I am expecting the prep cooler to be all but empty and that I’ll have to spend quite a bit of time just cleaning up the messes that will be left in the back so that I can get my work done.  Lovely.  I think I need to plan to leave at 3:00 or 3:30 and that will be that.  I can only do so much. I wish this job didn’t affect my sleep so much.  I wish that I could just say screw it and stop working so hard.

I rode Sudi on Sunday and early on, we had words because he tried to run away with me several times, but eventually he settled down and road nicely.  I don’t think he’s been ridden much with a bridle and he certainly hasn’t been made to trot in circles, change direction, or so much of anything structured.  He’ll learn and my seat is going to get better with all this schooling work.

We had another goat kid born on Saturday, the second Saanen/Alpine X and it was another difficult labor.  We allowed them to get bred too early.  That won’t happen again this year; come August, all of the bucks will be separated from the does and that’s where they’ll stay until September.  She’s got a lovely udder, better than her mother’s.  The udder of the other Saanen/Alpine X hasn’t quite come in yet.  I’ve milked both of them and as we expected, put food in front of those little piggies and they don’t care what you do to them.  Unfortunately, since they each only had one baby, I’ll need to milk them at least once a day to keep their udders even.  Both does had buck kids which = cat/dog food.  One more doe to go and we are done with kidding, which will be a very good thing.

Nubian goats: kill me if I ever consider getting a Nubian.  They are the biggest pain in the butts.  The goat that we have here that belongs to Wally’s friend has been re-named Stupid Goat.  She’s clingy, noisy and downright stupid.  You’d think getting her udder almost torn off by Gel would make her respect him.  Nope.  I am trying to get her dried off so we can send her back where she came from.  Life is too short to deal with PITA animals, especially goats.

I spent time in the gardens yesterday just weeding and cleaning out the bed that we’ve been growing lettuce and greens in all winter.  I still need to get tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings going.  We’ve got two more beds to get double dug and ready to plant.  Lately, it’s been difficult pulling Wally away from the basketball tournaments.

I best get going out there to milk.  Bringing in the two young goats takes a bit of time.  They don’t lead too well and haven’t quite figured out the routine.  Of course, then after they are done, I have the monster udder to deal with.  Gwen is still pouring the milk.  She often gives over two gallons a milking.  That’s a lot of milk to get out of that high, tight udder of hers.

Until later …

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  1. I used to have a Nubian (long time ago) She used to ride in the back of the truck with my Aussies. Now, I work Boer goats at a nearby ranch. Glad they aren’t mine, but fun to work and a PITA at the same time.

  2. Goats are tricky beasts. They teach a dog a lot; working goats takes a good amount of talent on the part of the dog. They are sort of like sheep; but also like cattle. Not so sure why I feel like I need to start Mica on sheep when I have a large crop of wily goat kids to work him on.

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