Butter … hopefully … and introducing another Rosie

I have two quarts of cream sitting in the butter churn waiting for it to get to about 62 degrees.  As soon as it does, I’ll start churning.  If all goes well, I’ll have my first butter.  It’s about freaking time I used this butter churn.  I bought it ions ago.  It’s just one of those things … too many other things getting in the way.

Wally had to go to a work-related dinner tonight so I’m on my own as far as chores go.  The three-first-time-freshening goats are getting into the routine of coming into the milk parlor which is making it easier.  One of them is still a bit fussy with her feet, but not too bad.  One of them is a bit difficult to get out of the pasture, but Gel takes care of that.

I rode tonight, not Sudi, but the rescue horse we picked up on Saturday.  She’s an older, Arab/Paint X mare and she’s one of those been-there, done-that type of horses, quite similar to Trophy.  She (her name is Rosie, just like our livestock guard dog) formerly belonged to a young girl and at one time, was an accomplished barrel and pole horse.  Rosie hasn’t had any attention for a long, long time.  We never even met the girl that she belonged to.  She couldn’t take time out of her busy schedule to meet us so we picked Rosie up from her mother.  The girl hasn’t even called or e-mailed to see how Rosie (her “baby”) is doing.  Guess she truly was done with her.  Wally got sent home early from work today so he brought Rosie up and worked all the mats out of her mane and tail.  She had a lot of mats, especially in her tail.  Then he trimmed her up.  She looks much better now.  Rosie’s a nice riding horse, she didn’t feel as good as Sudi does, but it’s nice to ride a push-button horse.  If I can get her back into condition, we might take her to some local shows and see if she can still run barrels.  Back when I was a teenager, I used to love the game events at horse shows; however, like with this horse, when I got a bit older, my horse got put on the back burner and eventually my step-father sold him.  Going to local horse shows will be something that Wally and I can do together (he’ll do the socializing, I’ll do the riding) and it’s very inexpensive … something that is important right now.  I can’t afford to do endurance races right now so maybe this will be a good outlet.  I’ll take Sudi as well and ride him there for the exposure, something he really needs.

It’s nice that Sudi has an equine companion.  Except for an initial scuffle when Rosie tried to push him off his food (no one pushes Sudi off his food!); they are getting along great.  Even better, when we took Rosie out today, Sudi called for her once, then went off to eat.  I think Rosie was happy to get the attention and didn’t seem to mind leaving Sudi.

I best get going and get the milking done before it gets dark.  I so wish I could get my butt out of bed earlier in the morning.  I didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning.  That’s late for me.  I think the stress of the truck repair did us both in; not to mention the trip itself.  I hate being at the mercy of a mechanic; glad we found a good one.  Now if we could just get him to take payment in the form of milk and eggs, we’d be golden.

Until later …