The weekend … finally …

I was hoping this week would be easier than last, and to some extent, it was, but it was still hard.  The wind storm that we had Wednesday night didn’t help.  I’m so sick of all the bad storms we’ve been getting this spring.  I know we are a lot better off than other people, but it’s still hard.  I hear the wind (and sometimes rain) in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep.  I get up and pace and pace and pace.  There were tornado warnings posted Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  The roof on our house is damaged and it’s leaking.  I keep expecting to see shelters torn up.  Natural disasters scare the crap out of me.

Anyway, I think next week at MM will be easier.  They finally saw the light and are staffing up.  There will be two prep people on during the day which is going to make my life a whole lot easier.  It’s simply too much work for one person.  They hired a new woman to work in prep and hopefully we’ll get along okay.  Unfortunately, there are still no office jobs to be had in the area so I’m stuck there until something comes up.  I wish I was doing this job when I was 20 or 30 rather than 50, but I do think the physical labor is helping keep me young.  A sedentary job is really not ideal.  It isn’t just the physical job, but the stress of worrying about getting enough done.

Wally had to go to work today so I’m flying solo.  Wally’s job isn’t going so well either.  It’s a darned good thing we have such a good relationship because to go to work and have tough days and then if we had to come home to a difficult or bad relationship would do us both in.  We gain strength from each other.  It is as it should be.

I have to drive to Statesville this morning to pick up grain and do a few more errands.  I haven’t gone out to milk yet and I need to get going.  Gwen went off her feed and her milk production dropped dramatically early this week.  She went down a whole gallon and was extremely irritable while being milked.  I think this may have something to do with hormones and hopefully this time she’s bred.  I think we got her production and good nature back, unfortunately by pumping her full of cow food that’s full of soy and corn (which makes her stand better while being milked), but I’m afraid that’s going to be the way it is with her, as it is with my senior does.  The normal practice of bottle feeding babies and then putting them on grain as soon as they’ll eat it doesn’t do any favors to the digestive systems of the adult animals, especially the cows.  The production of several of the senior does dropped while I was feeding them a minimal grain diet.  The production of the three first-time fresheners remained stable.  All three of these young does were raised on their mothers and received virtually no grain until they freshened.  “Freshening” is a term that essentially means coming into milk.  Once I re-introduced corn and soy (via a sweet goat food) back into the diets of the senior does, all but one of them increased production.  Next year will be a year of extreme culling.  If all goes well, we’ll have four new does to add to the herd, all of which will be raised like the three that freshened this year.

I promised Wally I’d do some domestic chores today.  I need to figure out a bunch of salad-type dishes that I can make up and keep in the refrigerator for easy meals.  The past couple of weeks, I brought home salad ingredients from MM (paid for of course) and that’s what we ate for supper.  Even though I get 50 percent off food at MM, it’s still cheaper to buy the ingredients and put them together myself.  Cooking during the week, especially given how many extra hours I was working, was becoming difficult.  Plus, with the change in seasons, I couldn’t think of spring menus; I was still stuck in winter.

I’d also like to get out to ride today so I best get going and get it done.

Until later …