Not a banner weekend …

I spent a good deal of time on Saturday running errands.  By the time I got home and got the groceries unpacked, it was almost 3:30 so I decided to get the horses tacked up and go for a ride.  I took out Rosie first and the ride went okay.  She’s a bit lame (I think from Sudi kicking her in the shoulder) so I didn’t ride her too long.  Then I got Sudi out.  Gosh, he’s a magnificent beast.  I rode Rosie with my Marciante saddle and it felt weird on her.  Not so on Sudi.

We were having a really good ride until he spooked at the same time we were turning a corner.  I think I was mid-post and I lost both of my stirrups.  He started to jig and bounce up and down and off I went.  To his credit, he stood and waited for several minutes, but I was slow getting up and off he went.

I called Wally and told him I was okay.  He said that’s good and started to tell me what he was doing.  I told him no, I’m okay and Sudi is on his way back home without me.

I’m too old to be falling off horses and I honestly don’t know what to do.  Sudi is a lot more green than Wally and I realized.  I feel sure if I was riding with other people, he would have been perfectly fine, but he’s too green to be ridden by himself.  Wally and I talked about it and made the decision to bite the bullet and make it a point to get me out to South Mountain to ride with the endurance ladies I was riding with a couple of times a month.  Other than that, I’ll just have to ride Sudi in an arena until he gets better schooled.  Depending on how I feel this evening, I may ride Rosie with a western saddle and see if I can pony Sudi off her.  That way I can exercise both horses at the same time.

Needless to say, I slept horribly Saturday night and was still quite sore on Sunday.  Wally was out of it as well from having to work on Saturday so Sunday was a lost day.  We got close to nothing done.

Oh well.

I’m apprehensive about going to work today.  A new person starts in prep today.  I hope we get along okay.  I’m excited about getting help, but if we don’t get along well, it could be miserable.  We’ll see how it goes.  Feeling how I do, I will be very glad to have the help.

We had put the baby goats up last night and I planned on milking all of the does this morning, but I got up early this morning and let all of the babies out so that they’d do the milking.  I’ll likely still have to milk a little bit, but I won’t have to haul three gallons of goat milk and another two gallons of cow into the house.  Gwen’s production has come back to some extent, but she may not ever get back to where she was before we put her in with the bull a few weeks ago.  That’s really okay.  The new calf has learned to nurse off her and she’s letting him which is reducing the amount of milk she has in the evening.  Milking in the morning when it’s cool isn’t so bad, but at night … that can be rough.  If Gwen’s production continues to drop, I may be able to get her to milking once a day.

Until later …