I don’t want to be milked and you can’t make me.

Gwen gave us fits going into the milk parlor this morning.  She’s been fussy for the past couple of days, but this morning was the worst.  Wally and I talked about it and decided to just let the calf that is on her have the milk and be done with milking her for now.  When I got back in the house, however, and looked at the calendar and saw that today is 18 days from when she was with the bull last I realized why she was being difficult.  She’s possibly coming back into heat again.

Once I put up the goat milk, I got her halter and Gel and I walked her over to the pasture where the bull is.  It didn’t take much coaxing to get her to head in that direction.  I’ll go over on the ATV and check on her twice a day, but I think the calf will pretty much take care of her milk supply.  The plan is to simply leave her over there for 30 to 60 days (assuming the bull stays over there that long).

It’s a good thing that I like cow milk as much as I do.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t fool with a milk cow.  If a cow doesn’t want to go into the milk parlor, it’s rather difficult convincing them otherwise.  She’s acted up in the milk parlor when she’s due to come in heat before so this is something I’ll need to monitor.  Hopefully next year will be easier given that we should have our own bull on the property.

One of my highest producing does, Beetaloo, injured her udder a few days ago.  She’s healing well, but her production is off because she isn’t eating as well.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

The horse show on Saturday went quite well.  Rosie and I won the pole bending class and came in fifth in barrels.  If I had rode better, we would have done better, but for our first show, I’m pretty happy with the results.  My riding will improve when the soreness from my fall last Saturday wears off.  It seems to take me forever to heal these days.  I guess that’s one sign of getting older.  You don’t bounce back quick so quickly.

Yesterday, we took Sudi out to meet with a woman that is working towards her Parelli certification.  That was a bit of a mixed bag.  I’m not so sure that I think much of the “horsenality” concept that the Parellis endorse.  Right off the bat, the woman said that Sudi was a right brain introvert.  I disagreed.  She changed her mind after “playing” with Sudi for an hour or so.  I am not so sure you can accurately label a horse in the manner prescribed in this horsenality business.  I can see the benefits of doing ground work and even playing games with your horse, but I think Parelli and their followers go a bit too far with their play sessions.

My read on Sudi is that he’s a pretty dominant horse and because his earlier training was done by a very confident rider, he did okay.  I’m not quite so confident and I think Sudi has seen this as an opportunity to take advantage or to take charge.  The ground work will help him to realize that I’m in charge and it will help my confidence.  I think Sudi does like to play these games so it may be fun.  We’ll see …

Wally and have started to get up at 5 AM (we were getting up as late as 6:30).  This is in preparation for Wally’s new schedule starting next week.  Because we got up so early, I now have some extra time to do things in the morning … like walk Gwen over to the bull’s pasture.  I need to get going and get in the shower and get out the door.  The earlier I get in, the quicker (hopefully) I can get out.  I’d like to be able to ride Rosie at least a couple of times a week now and I am going to try to pony Sudi off her to get him some exercise.  The weather may not cooperate quite so well this week.  There are showers and thundershowers forecast for almost every day this week.  I did get almost all of the house cleaned over the weekend, but the garden still needs attention.  Too much to do, too little time.

Until later …