How does your garden grow?

Most of this weekend was spent in the garden.  On Saturday, I unloaded a truckload of composted horse manure which about did me in.  Sunday was spent re-planting beans, planting peppers and eggplant seedlings and transplanting many of the tomato plants that grew up in the dirt we removed from the pig enclosure.  There must be about 50 seedlings in that bed!  It’s sort of funny when tomato plants become like weeds.  I pulled up quite a few pumpkin plants that were growing in the same bed … I don’t need pumpkins taking over the garden.

On Sunday, while I worked in the garden, Wally worked on a cover for one of the raised beds near the house.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come out like we wanted it to.  It will keep the chickens (and cats) out of the bed, but it looks like an enclosure suited for a goat.  Back to the drawing board on that project.  I think we are going to make panels out of PVC instead of wood.  It’s a shame that time was wasted, but once we get it done, it will be permanent.

Now we wait for the garden to start producing.  It was a good time to plant because we are supposed to get rain for the next three days.

Wally just left for his new job.  I’m having anxiety attacks!!!  Not sure why and I hate having anxiety attacks.  It’s so bad I’m sick to my stomach.  I guess I know how he feels: he had a semi-professional position (he was a lead supervisor in the shipping department) and now he’s heading off to a menial, lower-paying job where he’ll be low man on the totem pole.  It’s quite similar to what I’ve experienced.  At least at MM, since I’ve been there since the restaurant opened, I have some seniority, but that doesn’t matter all that much.  It’s still a dull, menial job where I work my butt off with very little opportunity to use my brain.  At least we have jobs and I think Wally’s new hours will work well for us.

I’m too anxious to write any more.  Off to milk and then get ready for work.  I think I’ll settle down when I get there and get working.

Until later …