Heck, it weren’t so bad …

In the past, Mondays have been horrible at MM.  A few weeks ago, they hired a new prep person: a woman my age who has been in the restaurant business for 30+ years.  I was a bit worried that she was being hired to replace me, but as it turns out, we work very, very well together and the back of the house is in better shape than it ever has been.  Yesterday turned out to be a very good day.

Today may not be so good.  I work alone Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Oh well.

Didn’t get much done last night … except … when you are pressed into doing something you’ve been talking about doing for the longest time, well, it’s just great.  I made a large batch of potato salad and planned to make tuna, pasta salad.  I used up the last of the mayonnaise to make the potato salad and I thought I had another jar in the refrigerator.  Nope.  Heck, there must be one in the pantry.  Nope.  Shoot.  I considered putting the salad up until today when I could go to the store to buy mayonnaise.  Instead, I decided to make my own.  It’s easy and tastes really good and I won’t be buying mayonnaise ever again.  One step closer to getting away from all processed food.  On my way home from work tonight I am going to pick up a bunch of whole chickens, remove the breast meat and poach them and make chicken salad.  The rest of the chicken carcasses will be fed to the dogs and cats.

It’s definitely salad weather.  As we were eating our salads last night, I told Wally that all we needed to finish this meal off was fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.  Unfortunately, those are still several months away, at least from our garden.

Wally’s new schedule where we have to get up at 5 AM is working really well for us.  I have been waking up closer to 4 and soon I’m going to start to get up even earlier.  If I could somehow manage to do it, I’d love to get my morning chores, including milking, done and see if I can’t ride one of the horses for at least an hour while it’s still cool.  The next time I ride Sudi, I am going to use the barrel saddle.  It should give me a bit more security and maybe if I’m more secure in my seat, I won’t worry so much about riding him.  I much prefer riding in my Marciante saddle, but there isn’t much there to hold on to.  I sold the heavy ranch saddle on e-Bay.  I lost a little bit of money on it, but it’s gone now so we are down to two saddles.  I was on my to becoming a saddle collector.

Off to milk; get a load of wash on the line and take care of the rest of the chores before heading to work.

Until later …