A gorgeous morning!

I wish I could bottle the cool temperature this morning and let it free when I have to go out to do chores this evening.  It is absolutely lovely out there right now.  There’s a light fog hanging over the pond and the fields.  It’s so beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon, the landlord dropped off color charts for metal roofs.  Spring storms did the existing roof in so it is going to be replaced with a metal roof.  I’m pretty excited about that.  There’s nothing more soothing than to listen to a light rain on a metal roof … then again, it may not be so soothing to listen to a hard rain on a metal roof, but a metal roof is much more durable than the existing shingles.

I started a list of projects for the weekend.  Many of them are small things, but the major project is getting the dog run Gel-proof.  When the workers come to work on the roof, Gel needs to be up and out of the way.  Otherwise, he’ll be up on the roof trying to get them to throw a stick for him.  Gel is a bit of an escape artist.  We’ll need to put cattle panel on the floor of the run (to prevent digging out) and heavy wire up over the top (to prevent climbing out).  Once this is done and he cannot escape, Gel is not going to be a happy camper.  We are going to split the 10 x 10 run in half, one side for Mica and the other for Gel.

I have been working with my homeopath again.  I’ve become extremely nervous and fearful and it is disturbing my sleep and making me sick to my stomach.  I realized this morning one of my biggest fears is of getting hurt.  I think that’s partially due to not having health insurance or a job that is going to be in any way understanding of an injury that keeps me from working.  It’s sad that gone are the days that employers cared about employees.  We are absolutely expendable.  It’s such a sad world right now.

All of the animals are doing well.  Rarely do I even see our small herd of Jersey cows.  They come up to drink and that’s it; I periodically go down into the pasture to check on them.  Gwen is raising two calves: one that was born in February, the other in April.  Both are here as bulls to use to breed her next year.  I may need to separate her from them to keep them from damaging her udder, but for now, she’s fine.  It’s bad enough milking goats when it’s hot and the flies are out, milking a cow in those conditions is horrible!!!  I’m milking eight does in the morning and two in the evening.  We get close to four gallons in the morning and a little over a gallon in the evening.  That’s a good amount of milk and I use every bit of it.

I best get the milking done so I can get to work.  Today is “Hump Day;” the week is half over and the weekend is in sight.  Too bad I didn’t have a long weekend like Wally does … I need to find a real job.

Until later …