Exhausted Part 2

I finally feel like I’ve caught up on my sleep today.  Yesterday I felt like a walking zombie.  I came home a bit early and lied down for a few hours and slept.  Then took the dogs for a run on the ATV and essentially called it a night.

Josey is settling in reasonably well.  She doesn’t know how to walk on a lead.  Her idea of walking on a lead is taking Michelle out for a drag.  I tried a prong collar on her, but it didn’t have any affect.  That doesn’t surprise me given her breeding.  So tonight, it’s a head halter so I can keep her head where I want it to be.  When she sees stock, she’s locked on and will not turn away.  She needs to learn self-control and “that’ll do, here.”  These are all behaviors that I would have rather taught before she turned on to livestock, but oh well, she’ll learn now.  I did no real training last night.

I used Fern to put up the ducks who got out and she was most happy to oblige.  Then before it got dark, I brought Josey and Gel out.  Josey got a short walk on lead then was put on a tie out while I had Gel put up the sheep.  When I came back in the second time, I let Fern and Gel loose to hang out and kept Josey on a long line.  It took her a long time to settle, but eventually she did.

This morning I spent a good amount of time picking up things that were lying around, taking my agility equipment off the field and took my ElectroNet down and put the sheep in the lower fenced-in area.  I’m hoping the man who mows the property I live on will mow today.  I left him a message this morning asking him to.  Then I can re-set my ElectroNet and not have to mow a path for it.  I think last year he mowed a grand total of four times the entire season.  Hopefully this year will be different.

I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll go to the cattle trial on Saturday or not.  I think a lot of whether I go or not depends on how my week goes at work.  We have another large deal to close.  Initially it was to close the end of June, but I was told this morning that it is now the end of May and I haven’t seen any title work yet.  The loan is in the amount of $330 Million and is secured by 49 pieces of property.  That is going to be a lot of work and a lot of extra hours to be worked.  If title work comes in this week, I might work over the weekend.  I could use the extra cash.

I should go, I really should, for a lot of reasons, but I’m such a chicken about trials.