Just plugging away with chores

It seems like we haven’t got a lot done this weekend, but we really have!!!!

Last year I bought some young blue Wyandotte pullets.  They are pretty little birds and very calm.  Unfortunately, they’ve turned into broody beasts.  We sold all but one rooster so I am not certain the eggs that they hens are laying these days are fertile so I wanted to pick up some fertilized eggs from different breeds for them to sit on.  This seemed like a better way to bring in new blood without raising chicks.  Yesterday, we bought a dozen Dominique eggs and another dozen Egyptian Fayoumi eggs.  We wanted a dozen Buttercup eggs, but the man we bought them from made a mistake and gave us Egyptian Fayoumi eggs instead.  Oh well, the hen is already sitting on the eggs so we’ll leave her be.  The Egyptian Fayoumi is a small bird and pretty flighty; probably not the best choice for the farm, but they are pretty.  We have a six by eight-foot cage set up with four blue Wyandotte hens inside sitting away.  In another cage there’s a game cross chicken sitting.  Her eggs should be about ready to hatch.  In addition to the chickens, there are at least two ducks, possibly three, sitting.  We ought to have chicks and ducklings galore in the next month and hopefully some new breeds.  I’m trying to get my hands on some Maran chickens, but me and everyone else wants them.  I love their dark chocolate colored eggs.

We spent several hours in the garden this morning trying to tame the jungle.  I don’t know why it is, but the garden always seems to end up like a jungle.  I am terrible at planting too close.  We put panels near the bed where I planted what I thought was just a few squash and cucumber plants, but these few plants have grown into a squash jungle.  Hopefully we got the panels installed soon enough to get them trained to climb.  The bed that contains the dirt we brought from the pig enclosure continues to sprout tomato, squash, cucumber, watermelon and who knows what else.  I’m afraid anything that comes out of those plants may oink.  As an experiment, I’m pretty much just letting it grow to see what happens with it.  I had hoped to leave the squash plants in this bed as a lure for squash bugs, but they found the squash plants at the far side of the garden.  Rotten bugs!  I am greatly enjoying squashing the ones I find.  It seems they are not doing much damage to the plants because they all look very healthy.

The beans I planted have come up and as soon as they start to flower, I’ll plant some additional seeds to stagger out the harvest.

I did replant quite a few of the tomato plants that grew in the pig dirt and staked them right away.  Hopefully this will work out so that I have a more staggered and hopefully more manageable tomato jungle.

Unfortunately, the weed whacker died this morning.  It’s been on its last legs for some time now.  This time it is indeed dead.  As I write this, Wally is counting out the change from our change jar to see if we have enough money to get a new one.  It looks like we will.

Either I got too much sun yesterday or I fell and hit my head, but this morning, I started a Facebook page for Spellcast Farm.  If you are reading this journal and enjoying it, please check out the Facebook page and ask to be my friend (or however the term is on Facebook).  I’ve been reading Facebook a bit lately, only the content of people that have like interests.  I was inspired by the Facebook page of Wild Dahlia Homestead and of course Moonmeadow Farm.  I think a lot of my irritation from Facebook was from reading pages of those people doing things that while I may have done in the past, now I look at these activities as frivolous.  Of course, the stupid games and all the advertising on Facebook still suck.

Speaking of frivolous: horses … I don’t know what we are going to do with them.  I simply cannot seem to find the time to ride, especially during the weekend.  I know at least some of our weekend time is spent recharging our batteries, but we are really, really busy.  I keep telling Wally that if he wants to go to the barrel races, he needs to help me to commit to getting on that horse several times a week.  Sudi … well, I don’t know what to do about Sudi.

Above is a photo taken of us at the clinic last Saturday.  He’s such a gorgeous animal with a fantastic temperament and he’s pure power as you can see from the photo below.  All he needs is to be ridden.

Until later …