Facebook … bla!

Can’t do it …  too many advertisements … too much crap that is not compostable.  What good is crap if you can’t put it in a compost pile?  Besides, I really don’t have the time to keep up both this journal and a FB page.

Wally and I made the decision yesterday to find the little barrel mare that we bought a few months ago a new home.  She’ll be a great horse for a young girl that wants a gaming horse.  I simply do not have the time to ride her and she’s too nice a horse to sit around.  Sudi will stay here … he has my heart.  I might be able to squeeze in enough time to ride one horse, but not two.  Wally and I had a heart to heart discussion about the farm … whether it was something that we needed to keep going.  He agreed that it was; I know that it is and was hoping he’d agree with me.  He mentioned this guy that lives down the street that was occasionally coming to the house on his golf cart to buy eggs.  We haven’t seen him in a while so we assume he’s now getting eggs at the grocery store; he stopped coming after we had to tell him one day that we did not have eggs available for him so off to the grocery store where he’ll have a reliable supply of eggs.  What would he do if the grocery store suddenly ran out of eggs?  At least Wally and I will always have food, even if he has to guard it with a shot gun.

So, our attempt to get in a leisurely weekend activity has been squashed.  Oh well … we do have down time, but it is not going to be spent at a horse show.  With Wally’s reduction in salary, heck, we can’t even afford to go to horse shows.  Yesterday, I asked the general manager at MM if I could pick up Saturday mornings and he said sure.  I hate to go back to just one day off, but we need the money.

We’ve lost a few chickens lately.  I think they were all older chickens.  I hate to see them decline and then die.  Part of me wants to kill them and put them out of their misery, if they are indeed miserable, I know I am miserable watching them.  I don’t feel that I have the right to interfere with their karma.  Part of me wants to bring them down to the back woods so I don’t have to watch them die.  Death is a part of a farm; there’s no getting around that; it just is not fun to watch.

Slacker goats were off by a half gallon this morning.  I’m sure that’s due to the damned heat … damned heat, it’s back again.  Ninety-plus freaking degrees and humid.  Lovely.  No end or rain in sight.  Yep, it’s not even officially summer and we are in a heat wave.  I’ll be watering the garden tonight.  Another reason why we decided to let the barrel mare go: it’s too freaking hot to ride.

Off to the shower.

Until later …