Sometimes good things happen!

I came home yesterday afternoon and checked on the animals, including the chickens that have been sitting on eggs.  I discovered one nest had hatched out.  How exciting!  When I looked closer, however, I saw one chick had not finished hatching out of the egg.  I picked it up and pulled at the shell and discovered the chick was still alive.  I finished pulling the egg shell off the chick, dried it off with some paper towels and then stuck it under the hen, getting my hand pecked for my trouble.  I sort of expected to find the chick dead when I checked after I finished milking, but nope, all of the chicks were dry and active.  Yea!

The extreme heat we’ve been experiencing must have exhausted this chick so much it couldn’t finish the hatching process.  There was another chick in the nest that was dead.  Not sure how many she has, but except for one blue chick, the rest of them are black with a little bit of white.  They look like penguins.

Until later …