Precious rain!

We got a nice thundershower last night.  It amounted to less than a half inch of rain, but we’ll take every drop we can get.  I planted some green beans in one of the beds up against the house and some cucumbers and squash in the other.  Both are covered with shade cloth to protect them from the sun (the green beans) and squash bugs.  I can keep a close eye on the squash bed given that it is up here so hopefully I can nip any infestations early.  Both of these beds are experiments to see what works and what does not.

Yesterday afternoon, we shaved off some of Rosie, the guard dog’s hair, so she should be cooler.  The poor dog has been suffering so.  Luckily most of her work is done at night.  In addition to four hens (that we know of), two ducks (that we know of), there’s also a guinea hen sitting on eggs.  Wally almost ran her over when he was mowing the poultry pasture.  He mowed it on Saturday to avoid the chance of snakes getting into nests and eating eggs or chicks.  That happened last year.  I think the guineas may be keeping the snakes down because we have not seen too many this year.  Wally usually sees at least one every time he mows, but not this year.

It’s nice to be thankful for little things, like a half an inch of rain, or to milk eight goats and not spill a drop of milk, or to hang a load of clothes out on the line and to have grabbed the exact number of clothes pins that you need so you don’t have to go back and get more, or to come in the house and see that it’s just 7:00 and I have another hour before I even have to think about getting ready for work.  Sometimes, life is just plain good, if only for the little things.

Until later …